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Ponies Regularly Race at Alexandra Park From October to April. We race over 3 different distances of 800m, 600m and 400m.

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The Stable (Ponies & Drivers)

Meet the drivers and ponies that make it all possible.

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The love of horses and racing is something that often begins at a very young age. The aim for Kidz Kartz right from the beginning was to encourage all those future harness drivers, owners and trainers out there.

Kidz Kartz is a dedicated program designed to teach and encourage the young talent, and give horse-crazy kids the interaction, instruction and hands-on experience they need and love. Kids learn all the basics of caring for a pony right up to race day driving.

Kidz Kartz has been running in New Zealand since 2002 where it has now become a major part of the racing scene throughout the country.

A group of local parents and trainers introduced this sport to the Franklin Area in September 2004. Since then it has taken off and is becoming very popular.

The biggest bonus is you don't even need to own a pony to join Kidz Kartz. We have club ponies that can be used by children of all levels.

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Enquiries about joining the fun, exciting Kidz Kartz crew? Email: kidzkartzfranklin@gmail.com