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This is where you can view or download all the information you will learn and need when first start up at Franklin Kidz Kartz.

Each new person will be assigned to a tutor each week and progress through the Newcomer guidelines booklet.

As they learn stages will be marked off by the tutor in their booklet.

There are handbooks to show step by step in the learning process and also a parents guide to Kidz Kartz & what options to expect if your child wishes to carry on.



Please click on the book you wish to view or download.

Guidelines Booklet Shows all the stages you will be taught when they first start at Counties Kidz Kartz
Theory Book Download this book to practice at home what you have learnt
Handbook 1 Teaches you step by step how to brush and gear up a pony as well as harness part
Handbook 2 Teaches you step by step how to get into the cart safely and drive a pony including what not to do

Parents Guide

Parents guide to Kidz Kartz and what to expect as your child progresses